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What I've been working on lately

I spend most of my day at SmartBrief editing newsletters and other people's blog posts. The "writing" I usually do is limited to dashing off some Q-and-As. But I've been fortunate enough to be able to write a few things lately.

Here's what they are:
  • "2 Goals to Curb the Trend of Women Leaving Corporate Jobs" -- The wonderful Switch & Shift blog asked me to write for its "Pivot Point" series on women not making it to the highest ranks of corporate leadership. I was happy to help even though I am neither a woman nor in executive leadership.
  • "The Middle East’s entrepreneurial promise" -- I talked with author, entrepreneur and tech executive Chris Schroeder about the burgeoning development of companies, products and ideas among the young people of the Middle East, and how this is happening despite the fragility of the region.
  • "Book review: “Promote Yourself,” by Dan Schawbel" -- Dan's book is a great resource for people anywhere in their career, but especially Millennials. I have my quibbles with the book, particularly when he tries to make social science applications outside his narrow focus, but it's going to help many people gain clarity, focus, confidence and follow-through on their career ambitions, which is a good thing.
  • "We can still learn from leaders who don’t walk the walk" -- Lessons from others' failures, basically.