Editor and digital media expert
James daSilva


I'm a senior editor at SmartBrief, a B2B email newsletter company, and managing editor of SmartBrief's blog on leadership.

My work passions: Creating compelling e-mails that help people be better at their jobs. The endless search and discovery of what's next in media, especially B2B. Meeting great people who think differently than I do and learning how we can tackle problems together. Also, how to make work be less awful -- helping companies realize they can have better bosses, better communication and better treatment of people and that will help performance and bottom-line outcomes.

The rest of my life: I like baseball and concerts and bars and getting to know people and hearing their stories and perspectives -- and finding the surprising places where we intersect. I'm always on a kick with an old book, or a band or actor's work, or discovering a TV show, I'm a fan of specific genres of books, movies and TV who needs to really stretch himself past those niches. Instagram is the only social media network that doesn't stress me out (thanks, kitten accounts), though I use a ton of them.

Lastly, I'm always trying to be better to people and to myself, which is a never-ending pursuit.

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