Editor and digital media expert


I'm a senior editor at SmartBrief, a B2B email newsletter company, and managing editor of SmartBrief's blog on leadership.

My work passions: Creating compelling e-mails that help people be better at their jobs. The endless search and discovery of what's next in media, especially B2B. Meeting great people who think differently than I do and learning how we can tackle problems together. Also, how to make work be less awful -- helping companies realize they can have better bosses, better communication and better treatment of people and that will help performance and bottom-line outcomes.

Outside of work, I like baseball and concerts and bars -- and people to share those experiences with. And I'm a big fan of specific genres of books, movies and TV who needs to really stretch himself past those niches.

What do I do at work?

I edit e-mail newsletters that are targeted at specific audiences and industries. Basically, I get to read the Internet and find great stuff. And I manage people who do the same, plus work with our other departments to sign and retain association clients, help sales deliver and grow our audience. I more and more enjoy the business side of what we do.

This isn't journalism, per se. It's delivery of important, industry- or topic-specific news -- we find the best news on the Web that fits the needs of the client and audience, link to it and provide a short (2-3 sentences) summary. Focused, opt-in newsletters with plentiful subscriber data are a sought-after delivery method and audience segmentation in the eyes of advertisers, which is how we pay the bills (phew).

Where you can find me: In e-mail newsletters, work-tweeting @SBLeaders and tweeting about baseball, editing, #longreads and minutia @James_daSilva. I'm also frequently at Washington Nationals games, where I have an overly fond attachment to the Presidents Race and Screech the eagle. I can otherwise be found at diners and neighborhood bars discussing minutia.

What I used to do: I was a full-time copy editor at SmartBrief and copy desk chief at The Daily Star in Oneonta, a Dow Jones News(paper) Fund copy-editing intern in summer 2005 at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and a 2005 graduate of the then-Loyola College in Maryland (now Loyola University Maryland) with a double major in communications and philosophy. I also ran cross country.

What I've written: I've always been more of an editor, but here are a few things I've written over the years: